Outsourcing is not just a strategy of cost reduction. It is in fact, a strategic service and essential element of growth.

Software Outsourcing has long passed the fad or buzzword stage. Outsourcing software development is here  to stay as an IT trend which has evolved, grown, matured and is living up to and outgrowing its potential. Especially with  companies that wish to cut costs while gaining access to world-class software engineers, it is no more an option but a smart  decision.

Our staff has worked with multiple clients in different geographies and they understand that, success of project depends on mutual understanding, trust and commitment.


Why outsource to MethodosIT?

  • Expertise: we believe that in order to be good at something, you cannot go too wide. We've been focused on web-based Java/J2EE solutions from the very beginning what makes us really experienced in this area.
  • Cost Optimization: we understand outsourcing must be cost-effective, that's why our rates are affordable, even for senior experts; what's moreover, any kind of cooperation type is possible (fixed-price, time & material, body-leasing), and may be switched during the project
  • No Risk: for any kind of project we offer 15 days money-back guarantee. You won't pay anything, in case you're not satisfied with the quality of our service.


What is the cost?

We want to be as flexible as possible and hope to match your needs perfectly.

  • Time & Material: We delegate our talented specialists to carry out or support our Client's project.
  • Fixed-Price: We participate in a full cycle development of your project, or any of its sub-parts.
  • Your model: We will gladly consider your individual suggestions regarding forms of cooperation.