Quotation Management System


The Quotation Management System is an easy to use and flexible application which allows a company to create, submit and track quotes and invoices.

The Quotation Management System is an open source web based application. It can be downloaded as a Windows installer executable that makes the installation a very simple task.


You can use the Quotation Management System to:

  • Manage all of your quotation records in one user-friendly system as well as maintaining the necessary standards for tracking.
  • Generate an automatic quotation in a PDF format using custom designed PDF Forms.
  • Ability to attach supporting documents to a quote either for external or internal use.
  • Support simple web based document management functionality. Modify attached documents preserving their history. Lock/unlock documents etc.
  • Email the quote directly from the application to one or multiple receipients.
  • Track the status of a Quote using customized reports which simplify the workflow. 
  • Invoice a Quote issuing one or multiple invoices.
  • Generate the invoice PDF using custom designed PDF Forms.
  • Email invoices directly from the application.
  • Reporting. On-demand reporting provides compliance and audit information, along with granular views of your records management environment. Includes excellent reports and charts for any type of revenue analysis.
  • You can create your own reports using a simple interface. Custom reports you create can be saved and used by you or any other user of the system.

 You can download the Quotation Management System here:

Windows Offline Installer

(includes all needed software) -  300M


Windows Online Installer

(will download additional software. Internet connection required) - 10M 


Linux (Ubuntu/Debian deb file)